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Fri, Oct. 24th, 2008, 06:32 pm
orangemike: Anybody else remember Harold Breier?

I'm reminded of nothing so much as the time that Milwaukee's former police-chief-for-life Harold Breier announced that the only people who opposed his iron rule were "Negro homosexual communists"! Cicatrice turned to me and said deadpan, "You never told me you were black!"

Rep. Robin Hayes (R-N.C.) has conceded that he did tell a North Carolina crowd that "liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God," even though he initially denied making such a statement.

Hayes' comment came the day after Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told MSNBC's Chris Matthews that the media should investigate which members of Congress are "anti-America" and which are "pro-America."
In Greensboro, N.C., Sara Palin had said at a recent rally that "we believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard-working, very patriotic, pro-America areas of this great nation."

Hayes, Bachmann and Palin et al. are leaving me very much tempted to highly un-Christian replies of "FOAD!" or equivalent, on behalf of me and all the other genuinely hard-working, very patriotic, pro-America people that work and accomplish and achieve, whether (like me) they believe in God, or don't, and who are working our hardest to keep these people and their cohorts in idiocy out of office.

Thu, Mar. 27th, 2008, 09:56 pm
orangemike: I'm running to be an Obama delegate this year

I've just filed my papers to run for Obama delegate to the Denver Democratic National Convention from the 4th Congressional District. I'm hoping that any of you who know me and are Obama supporters (or, for that matter, disappointed Edwards, Kucinich, etc. supporters) will come to the County caucus on the 6th of April and give me your support. The caucus runs from noon to 2 p.m., and will be at the Laborer's Hall (6310 W. Appleton, I believe).

Mon, Jul. 10th, 2006, 10:35 am
orangemike: In Memoriam: Frank P. Zeidler, 1912-2006

I am trying not to cry as I type this. Frank was a role model to me, even when we disagreed. He became a Socialist because it was the only practical way of putting Christian ethics into practice.
"I particularly picked socialism because of several things in its philosophy. One was the brotherhood of people all over the world. Another was its struggle for peace. Another was the equal distribution of economic goods. Another was the idea of cooperation. A fifth was the idea of democratic planning in order to achieve your goals. Those were pretty good ideas."
Four years ago, I went to a dinner with 700 other folks, celebrating his 90th birthday. There were bishops (Episcopalian, Lutheran and Catholic, that I spotted), rabbis, anarchists, the mayor of Williamsburg [Virginia], local politicians, janitors, union activists, model railroaders, a Gesangsverein, church ladies with their best hats on, and a lot of others. The local Lutheran Bishop mentioned that when he came to Milwaukee, Frank gave him a tour of the city, and eruditely explained an enormous amount about Milwaukee history. He called his brother in the Seattle mayor's office to talk about this amazing ex-mayor he'd met, and his brother said, "You mean Socialist Mayor Zeidler is a Lutheran?"; the Bishop said, "You mean Lutheran Mayor Zeidler is a Socialist?"

For Frank and for a lot of others in Milwaukee, Socialism meant a lot of the lakefront and riverbank lands were bought by the taxpayers, and made into parks, instead of incredibly expensive condos. It meant housing being built for poor people, and run by an agency responsive to the taxpayers AND the tenants. It meant a pioneering Health Department, and good sewers, when such public improvements were scorned as interference by do-gooding busybodies. It meant a world-class City Museum that was a haven for scholarship, with an extensive publishing program and even its own ethnographic and zoological expeditions to Africa and Central America. It meant schools open to all the children without subjecting them to religious propaganda. It meant the cleanest, least corrupt government this reform-minded state has ever seen in its history. It meant trying to make the city a better place for honest working people, rather than running around posturing about how "revolutionary" you were (and being sneered at by the 'revolutionaries' as mere 'sewer socialists'). It meant, in Frank's own words, "a way of life based on cooperation, rather than competition."

Frank didn't drink, didn't smoke and didn't drive (I've talked to folks who remember driving down Third Street and seeing Frank waiting for the #19 streetcar [and later, bus] to go to work; "work" was being mayor of the city). He read voraciously, enjoyed model railroading and collected fossils. He rewrote Shakespeare in more modern language (his version of the Scottish Play was done while he was mayor). He stayed faithful to his wife Agnes (since 1939), and to this city he loved.

I saw Frank a few weeks back at the Wisconsin Labor History Society conference, where he talked about two things he loved: Socialism and Milwaukee. We chatted briefly, but he clearly wasn't in good shape; I hoped aloud that I'd see him at the annual Milwaukee Socialist Party picnic.

I'm heartbroken to lose him. I'm proud to have been his comrade, and his brother in Christ.

Mon, Dec. 5th, 2005, 03:32 am
shadydragonfly: (no subject)


Come join.

Fri, Dec. 24th, 2004, 12:18 pm
buythetruth2008: long time no post

wow i started this community like forever and a half ago. im glad to see there are a few members. how is everyone doing?

as for me i no longer live in the glorious midwest :) i moved out to the west coast to go to college (can i get a portland woup woup for living in seattle?) i am back in milwaukee for a few days, so i get to experience another Christmas sans snow and with much coldness and such. fun stuff.

oh yeah my new journal is at (gasp, treachery for switching from lj to greatestjournal!) http://www.greatestjournal.com/~so_manyfaces/

Fri, Dec. 24th, 2004, 10:09 am
jess_girl76: Question...

Does anyone in here have a paid membership to LiveJournal? I would like to know if they like it and if they would do it again.


Fri, Jun. 11th, 2004, 10:42 pm
celerystick2004: Dude...

So last Thursday I was feeling a craving for vintage, so I looked up vintage stores in M'waukee. And google came up with http://www.bradystreet.com/. Which led me to find out about this delightful section of town.

Dude. If you guys need somewhere to go some evening, a Saturday afternoon or whatever, Brady Street is absolutely wonderful. Seriously, the place is full of tea houses, boutique stores, art galleries, coffee shops, outdoor cafes and of course VINTAGE stores!

Anyone been down to Brady Street lately?

Fri, May. 28th, 2004, 03:33 pm
kissmeimjewish: Madison

Come join my new Community!! madison_wi!!!

Thu, May. 27th, 2004, 04:00 pm
celerystick2004: welcome to cheesepeople

Hey there. You probably wandered in here because of curiosity (or pure boredom!). Anyhoo, this is a livejournal community where members can share their thoughts and all that fun stuff.

Still curious (or bored)? Click on the "user info" link on the left to read more about the community. You can also stalk around and read members recent posts. Oh yeah, if you happen to see a pattern, its probably 'cause we all live in Wisconsin. Hence the title. :-D

Not a member? You can join! Just click on userinfo, and then click "join community" at the top of the page. Or if you are not a livejournal member yet, go sign up.

Otherwise, enjoy the cheesepeople community.